If you have an area that your are concerned about, cover it up! For example, shorts and short skirts can sometimes be less than flattering. Sleeveless tops (including tank tops) can make your arms appear larger than they actually are. Remember to choose your clothing carefully.


Bring your make-up for touch-ups. Concealing powder works great in case you get shiny during your session. Don't forget to bring lip gloss and remember that sparkle make-up does not photograph well.


Bring any hair care products, curling/flat iron, brush/comb, etc...that you may need for your session. Please make sure that your hair is exactly the way you want it to be. Changing or cutting your hair right before your session is never a good idea!

Fingers and Toes

Hands and feet may show, so avoid chipped or trendy colored nail polish.


When you choose your outfits, make sure to dress head to toe. Don't forget to have the appropriate undergarments, belts and shoes. Hats, scarves, sunglasses and cool jackets are a great way to enhance your look!



Five O'Clock Shadow

Retouching the five o'clock shadow, razor stubble or facial hair is not possible.


Bring black, white or grey t-shirts. Bring a solid sweater, polo and a casual button down. Match your shoes to your clothing. Ratty old sneakers don't photograph well. Your bottoms will show in many of the poses, so make sure to bring several different styles of pants.



Tanning and Sunburns

A little tan is good but don't overdo it! Tan lines and sunburned or peeling skin will look bad in your senior portraits.

Sports Stuff

Make sure to check with your coaches so that you can bring in your uniform. Don't forget to bring in your ball, bat, glove, etc...